Municipal Solid waste management

Rigava Enviro is contributing to stable, decentralised solid waste treatment using integrated facilities that encompasses wet waste treatment, crop waste treatment and dry waste recycling.

By offsetting the use of electricity,Our expertise lies in choosing the right technologies and integrating them together with innovation for the specific waste composition which differs drastically from area to area. Our best in class R & D results in usage of result producing technologies.

Bio Methanation

Bio-Methanation systems are anaerobic digesters which generate gas through a biological process in the absence of oxygen.

The Biochemical aspects of such a system needs to be monitored for sustained stable operations. Rigava Enviro has in-depth expertise in stable operations of the system and works towards the improvement of output with its innovative approach of reinventing new methods of operation.

Refuse Derived Fuel

Municipal governments throughout the world are facing choices about how to manage the unending stream of waste generated by their residents and businesses.

Whole of west and south east asia uses the RDF as the fuel for their Waste to energy plants and is running them successfully, where as such plants in India have not been a great success owing to the Indian waste composition and the lack of intent to innovate, restructure and reinstate the process to use RDF as a fuel.

Rigava Enviro uses innovative and biologically sensible approach and employs manual segregation to derive the right composition for RDF which automatically takes care of the no recyclable inerts and becomes a perfect fuel for the cement kilns and power plants.

Dry waste Recycling

Rigava Enviro Employs the perfect philosophy of reduce, reuse, recycle and recovery in its integrated waste treatment facilities.

While “reduce” is propagated by educating the masses, we employ innovative integration of technologies to reuse and recycle almost 40% of the waste to usable products.

Our recycling technologies include:

  • Paper recycling facility
  • Plastic recycling facility
  • Glass recycling facility


Waste Assesment Service

Integrated Waste treatment facility Design, erection and commissioning

Bio-operation and maintenance services

Waste Dumpsite closure services


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