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How will I benefit from Solar?

There are many financial and environmental benefits of going Solar : 
  • Make Money From Sun-

    Solar Grid Tied system generates electricity by converting light energy to electrical energy. The generated electricity is sent back to the grid which reduces electricity bill of our clients. 

  • Free Electricity for 25 years-

    Solar panels have a 25 years output warranty. Therefore, once installed they generate free electricity for 25 years

  • Return on Investment-

    An average Indian home can have a payback period of 4 years on their solar panel system and ROI of more than 25%.

  • Environment Friendly-

    The most well known fact about solar energy is that it represents a clean source of energy. Solar power is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Moreover, 1 kW of solar power system is equal to planting 154 trees.

What types of solar system are available?

In India, primarily 3 types of system are available: 
  • Grid Tied System-

    This system works only with the electricity grid without batteries. Although, this system has no power back-up but is much cheaper and has no recurring cost. Government backed subsidies reduce the cost further. This system is ideal for cities where there is little to no power cut. 

  • Off Grid System-

    This system works without the electricity grid and has power backup options. This is ideal for cities where there is no connection to the grid. 

  • Hybrid System-

    As the name suggests, it is a combination of Off Grid and Grid Tied system. It works as a Grid Tied system when electricity is available and works as Off Grid in case of power cut. It has batteries to store energy. It is the most expensive of the 3 systems. It is ideal in cities where there are frequent power cuts.

Will Solar operate during power cuts?

Hybrid and Off Grid systems are designed to work during power cuts. They have batteries to store electricity and provide backup during power cuts. Grid Tied system don't provide back up as it needs reference voltage from grid and they have no batteries to store electricity.

What is the lifecycle of solar plant?

Solar rooftop systems installed by Rigava are durable and comes with performance guarantee. The panels comes with an output warranty of 25 years.

Does solar system works in cloudy days?

Output from Solar PV system is dependent on intensity of light and duration of the day. In rainy and winter seasons, output is slightly lower but still the system works smoothly as sunlight is available most of the time.

Rigava Solar

What is unique about Rigava solar?

Thousands of residents have chosen Rigava Solar as their energy partner to solarize their homes. We are a clean energy solution company with a mission to utilise unused rooftop with solar power system. We serve customers by first understanding their requirement and then customize the rooftop solution that will benefit the customer for lifetime.

Are you available in my city?

We are present in most of the states across India and have corporate office in Delhi and Mumbai.

How to evaluate solar rooftop companies?

Most of the companies in the market are attracting customer by promising quality system at lowest prices . They will exploit the customer by either delaying the project duration or compromising the quality which customer comes to know at a later stage when the performance of the system drops down.

What is the project timelines?

Commissioning of a typical Ongrid and Hybrid solar system will take 2-3 months while Offgrid solar system can be completed in 1 month.

What is the end to end service of Rigava?

We work with our customers from beginning till end i.e design, material preparation, installation& commissioning and finally net metering approval(for ongrid and hybrid system).

How to start with rooftop solar if Iam constructing a new Home?

Please reach out to one of our Solar Roof specialists by requesting a callback.

Trouble Shoot

What kind of maintenance is needed for solar system?

Systems are provided with 5 years maintenance. Panels and Inverters have long term warranties in place. We provide regular checks to ensure that solar panel production is optimal. Cleaning of solar panels to remove dust will ensure a hassle free usage.

Can I do repair on my roof after installation of rooftop solar?

If you do need to make repairs on the roof for any reason, your solar panels may need to be removed and reinstalled.
Please contact Rigava Customer Support if you want to start this process.

How to clean solar panel?

Cleaning your panels of dust will improve your system performance. It is recommended to often wash the panels once in a month. Rain will help rinse your panels clean. Ordinarily, you can clean the panels with a water hose to remove accumulated dust. You only need to rinse the glass cover of the panels — do not attempt to clean the wiring underneath the panels.
For better results, use the power washers available in the market.

How do I know my solar system generation?

Rigava solar gives you real-time and historical visibility into your solar production.

What should I do if inverter shows error message?

If your inverter displays an error message, contact Rigava Customer Support. One of our experts will gather the necessary information to ensure that we’re able to repair your system as quickly as possible.


How much solar system cost?

It depends on the size and location of the system. When you schedule a solar site assessment, our engineers visit your premises, they analyse the feasibility of solar system on your rooftop, impact of shadow along with your electricity usage patterns. Based on this, they design 3D and structure layouts to determine the most optimized system size for you.This information also helps determine the availability of state and central subsidies.

What is the interest rate for solar loan?

Currently the interest rate is at 10.5%.

What is the loan tenure?

Loan tenure is fixed at 1 -2year.

What is the security requirement for solar loan?

There is no collateral at all.

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