About Company

Rigava is an amalgamation of three ancient Sanskrit words, namely- "Rishayah" "Gariyase" "Vase" collectively bringing out the philosophy of Rigava i.e any task undertaken by Rigava is given a deep thought before the first step is taken, we always strive to be better and not the best so that we always have room for improvement and last but not the least we are always in subjugation of whatever we undertake.

"Thoughtful, Better & Controlled"

A technology-driven firm using the unconventional methods and renewable energy sources merged with the exceptional multi-experienced team generating results that focus on the environment, profitability, cost-effectiveness and most of all a cleaner, better and sustainable future.

Our Mission

We generate cleaner energy using the renewable and unconventional source of energy.

Where others see problems, we see the solution.

Our Vision

RIGAVA is a solution-oriented company. We engineer sustainable solutions that are built to last for a lifetime.

Our foundation was built on highly capable and experienced engineers, focused investment on innovation and execution capabilities that generate maximum renewable energy output and create new revenue streams

Our Brand

In the era of outsourcing, mergers and association we are committed to staying nimble and independent of any subcontracting.

We take pride in doing individually chosen projects which solve customer problems as this allows us to be Thoughtful, Better, Controlled and deliver excellence.

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